Stash requires a minimum version of PHP5.4 or HHVM 3.0 in order to run. Individual drivers and caching systems will have their own requirements.



Composer is the preferred method of installation. Stash is present on Packagist, making installation as easy as adding a directive to your project's composer.json file.

Just add Stash to your require block, setting the minimum version you depend on.

"require": {
  "tedivm/stash": "0.14.*"

For project looking to take advantage of the latest features it's also possible to install directly against the main development line. This is ideal for testing, but should be limited to non-production code.

"require": {
  "tedivm/stash": "dev-master"

For more details on how to use composer with your projects, visit the composer website at http://getcomposer.org/.

Direct Download

Versions of Stash are available as Releases. on Github.


If you installed using composer then you simply need to include it's autoloader. This is the preferred method of loading Stash.

Stash confirms to PSR-4 and places it's code in the src folder, making it easy to include in a custom autoloader. This means "StashPool" can be found in "srcStashPool.php".

If all else fails there is an autoloader that is packaged with Stash itself. Just include "autoload.php".


Stash is licensed under the New BSD License. This means you are free to use it in any of your projects, proprietary or open source. While you aren't obligated to contribute back, any bug fixes or enhancements are appreciated -- besides, getting your code into the main branch is so much easier than maintaining your own fork.